How To Play Slots For Free

May 18, 2020 by Susan Paige

Online slot gambling has become outrageously popular over the last two decades, reaching the point where, if you are going to engage in a bit of online casino gambling, it is almost definitely going to be on the online slots. How Charles D. Fey would be surprised if he were able to see the extent of his creation today – back in the late 1800s slot machines could only be found in the shady corner of Californian saloons, now it is a completely different story.

21st century technological advancements are mostly to be thanked for the incredible emergence of online slots at Slots Baby, because developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are now able to make their titles progressively better due to advances in mobile gaming and HTML5 technology. The best thing about 2020 slots is that you can even end up playing them for free! Want to know how? Well, make sure you read ahead!   

Have a look for some demo slots

The easiest way to play slots for free in 2020 is to look out for the various demo slots that are on offer from developers and online casino sites these days. As the online slot industry has got more crowded developers have had to resort to new measures in order to attract the most gamblers to their games as possible, and demo slots is one of the ways in which they do this.

Think of demo slots a lot like the demo of a video game, or perhaps a movie rental service. For no money at all you can check out whether or not you like the look of a certain slot, and then if you enjoy yourself you can start playing with real money. 

Make use of online casino deposit offers

These days online casino sites have become accustomed to offering a variety of enticing bonus offers in order to attract as many gamblers to their site as possible, and this is also a fantastic way for savvy slot gamblers to play their favorite slot titles for free. It works like this, the majority of sites will ask for a specific amount to be deposited with them up front, and then you will receive some juicy bonus offers. 

These deposit rewards can vary from straight cash back to a number of free spins, but whatever the offer is, you can rest assured that you will get at least a few hours of free online slot gaming in as a result. 

Use the free mode on various online slots

Most online slots to get released these days also come with the option to play them for free, and whilst this means the chances of actually winning any money are nil, it also gives gamblers the chance to get to grips with any specific bonus features or slot mechanics without losing any money.

In fact, we would seriously recommend having a few spins on a slot’s free mode before spending any money, because this way you can get to grips with how the particular game works without losing any unnecessary money.

Editors disclaimer: budgetandthebees does not advocate gambling as a means of gaining income.  If one does decide to gamble it should be purely for entertainment purposes.  If you would like to read some excellent articles from our website, please consider these:

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Image source: Authors screenshot of Slots Mummy website, taken 5/18/2020.

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