Gaming Tactics That Can Help You Learn to Save

March 24, 2020 by Susan Paige

There are many people who equate life to a game, with ups and downs and tactical moves that must be made to extract the maximum value or fun from any situation. Although it must be quite tiring and limiting to view life through such a lens there are some lessons that everyone can learn from games, gaming and the people who make them; lessons that relate to all walks of life. Many folk struggle with learning to balance their budget, often finding themselves running into the red come the end of the month. Here are some things they could learn about the world of gaming.

What Will the Future Bring? Look Ahead Like a Chess Pro

Whether you’re playing a game of chess or thinking about buying those new trainers you’ve had your eye on, it’s vital to look as many moves ahead as you can in order to know whether you’re about to make a mistake that might cost you dear down the line. Just as a chess player would weigh up what their opponent is capable of throwing at them ten or fifteen moves ahead, you need to do the same with your life: which bills are due to land on your welcome mat, is the wife likely to pick up another parking fine, will the dog chew your suit sleeve to shreds? These are all the questions you need to be asking yourself before blasting that pay check the moment it arrives.

How Big to Spend?

In the consumer society we live in, life is always throwing up temptations designed to have us give away all we’ve worked hard for. Poker players know this all too well, often succumbing to the lure of higher stakes games before they’re ready, only to then have their bankroll take a serious dent. That’s why most players abide by a strict set of rules, designed to prevent them from getting ahead of themselves, generally insisting on having x100 of the buy-in they use to enter a tournament. This means a player would have to have at least $200 in their account in order to justify entering a $2 buy-in tournament. With this in mind, a beginners bankroll challenge provides those learning to save with a perfect crash course in expenditure control.

Can You Maintain Discipline? Computer Game Lovers Spell it with a Capital D

All good online gamers know that it’s one thing having a plan and quite another following it, especially when you’re under fire from all quarters. As we mentioned before, life isn’t too dissimilar, prone to throwing curve balls at you when you least expect them. Life-altering disasters aside, it’s vital that the plan you make at the start of a month is followed through to the bitter end. Only with this sort of focus will your savings begin to stack up, just like the kills a pro gamer racks up during a session of Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Can You Think Long Term? Game Developers Do!

So, you’ve made it to the end of the month with a decent wodge in your account. The obvious urge is to book that holiday or buy a few rounds in down the pub, but any self-respecting game developer of any kind will tell you to think again; to form a cushion from which future prosperity can flourish. Whether it’s a board game company like Hasbro who continue to diversify their range of versions of the classic game, or whether it’s Games Workshop who do the same with their Warhammer series, games developers are constantly thinking long term, knowing full-well that resting on your laurels is a sure fire way to future failure or decline. What you should take from this is that long term goals are every bit as important as short- and medium-term goals, in order to keep you on track. Who knows, you might be able to buy that dream property or car a couple of years from now!

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