How Working From Home Saves Me Money

April 17, 2017 by Amanda Blankenship

working from home

More and more people are becoming interested in passive income or working from home. The flexible schedule and freedom working form home provides is extremely attractive.

I have been working from home in some capacity since my sophomore year in college (about five years ago). I started my work-from-home adventure with a small freelance gig. I was only getting paid $1 per article but I loved being able to work from home. The extra “wiggle room” I had in my schedule was great and, after years of doing it, working from home even saves me money!

How Working From Home Saves Me Money

There are a number of ways working from home helps me save. Here are six great ways to save by working from home:

  • Tax deductions – One way working from home saves me money is through tax deductions. Many work-from-home positions allow for you to write off office supplies, part of your electric, phone and Wifi bills. Each year that you file taxes this can save you serious cash!
  • Spend less on entertainment – Since working from home I’ve found I spend less on entertainment. I work from home throughout the week, stay in and eat dinner at home. Once the weekend arrives I’m ready to go out but don’t spend too much week-to-week because I’m usually indoors!
  • Don’t spend money on gas (in fact, I departed with my car) – The most obvious money-saver when it comes to working from home is that fact that I don’t have to pay for gas to get to-and-from work. I even parted ways with my car in November and have been walking, biking and using public transport (which saves me tons).
  • No real reason to call out – You know those days where you’re feeling a bit under the weather and can’t make it to work? Well, my job saves me money in this way (or allows me to make more money). I can continue to work even though I don’t feel well and can even work from the comfort of my own bed.
  • I can work from anywhere – Speaking of being able to work from anywhere, I also love working from home because I don’t have to take time off for vacation. I can bring work with me. This helps me save a bit of money by not having to plan for time off.
  • Spend less on food – You think that working from home would cause you to spend more on groceries but it really doesn’t. If you’re used to eating out for lunch each day you can actually save a ton of money working from home by simply eating at home.

These are just a few of the ways that working from home saves me money. If you are interested in working from home to save some cash be sure to fully research your options and know that for working from home to save you money you may have to make some initial investments (furnishing a home office, buying a computer, office supplies, etc.). However, after working from home for five years, I can tell you that your wallet will thank you!

Do you work from home? Has it helped save you money? 

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