When Your Reach A Crossroads: 4 Signs That Your Business is Ready to Take It To the Next Level

March 27, 2020 by Susan Paige

Growing a small business isn’t meant to happen overnight. Although we’d all love to achieve success as quickly as possible, that just isn’t very plausible nor doable. If we wish to develop a strong foundation to our business and gain success for years to come, we must do so gradually.

Even Harvard Business Review knows that every good business has growth stages. Like climbing a ladder, we must surpass one rung before moving onto the next. Try to skip from the bottom rung to the top, and you’ll likely topple over. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

Although many business owners know they can’t just jump into success, one thing they do struggle with is deciding whether or not it’s time for their business to take the next step forward towards growth, change, and expansion.

Here are some signs that it might be time to take things to the next level:

1. The demand for your product or service is high, and you have the capacity to provide more of it.

Not only must the demand for what you offer be increasing or at a persistently high level, but you should be prepared to give people more of what they want. You have enough supply, and you have plenty of employees ready to take on more work? It might be the perfect time to provide more for your customers.

2. You already know what it’s like to deal with the ups and downs of business.

All business owners know that profit can be inconsistent. Some months will be stellar. Other months might be oddly slow. You know you’re ready for the next level of business when you are capable of handling it all in terms of accepting both the highs and the lows as well as adapting when necessary to boost sales.

3. Space is becoming scarce, but your ability to keep up isn’t.

At some point, space may become a problem for you. As the amount of space leftover seems to become smaller and smaller, that’s a sign that you have plenty of product on hand but not enough business hours in the day, employees, or marketing to ensure more customers are able to make a sale. So, if you are capable, it might be a swell time to take that next, big step.

4. Your company is already profitable.

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is because the owner makes the decision to expand too soon and too quickly. Often, business owners expand while their business has yet to become profitable. Sometimes rapid expansion hurts a business forever. Other times, business owners are forced to take a big step back.

But if your business is already past the point of breaking even, and you have plenty of earnings stocked up, this is one sign that you might be on the right track to taking things further with your business.

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It’s never easy knowing if it’s the right time to turn your small business into a larger, more profitable venture. It seems like most business owners either expand way too early or are too scared to make the move, even when it’s clear it’s a good time to step things up a notch. Thanks to this list of signs, it’s easier to understand if that time is now or later.

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