Top 5 Tips for Buying Your First Investment Property

May 1, 2020 by Susan Paige

When purchasing your first investment property, it’s easy to get dazed or feel as if the financial decisions are complex. Unless you are a real estate expert, you may actually not have immense knowledge in matters finance and home inspections. Irrespective, purchasing a property is indeed quite straightforward. 

You just need to educate yourself on the essentials so that you can keep the experts that will assist you along the way on their toes. With this in mind, below are top tips to get you started.

Carry out a thorough Research

When it comes to buying your first investment property, you need to carry out detailed research depending on your target customers. Ensure that the building is located in an area that will lure potential customers you anticipate to rent or sell to. This guarantees that it pleases the market and attains the anticipated returns.

Undertaking extensive research and utilizing a logical, analytical approach based on the financial aspects instead of your personal preferences will undeniably help you buy the best property. All in all, property investment is not about emotions but economics.

Do not Allow the Emotions Overrun You

When buying a property, it is common for people to listen to their emotions rather than actually thinking logically. But this is okay since it’s the place you intend to get an income for many years to come. When buying the first investment property, it is essential to avoid letting the emotions control your decision-making capabilities. 

Think of the property as a purely business investment project and reasonably negotiate to get the best deal possible. Note, the odds of enjoying high profits from the property are high if you get it at a low price.

Get Finances for the Property

There are countless options to consider when it comes to outsourcing finances to buy an investment property. Funding a primary home differs significantly from financing an investment property. You should anticipate meeting exceptional qualifications because the lenders usually consider investment properties to be riskier than lends on owner-occupied assets.

With this in mind, you have several options to get funds when it comes to financing your property investment. Whichever option you decide to select, it is advisable to have a preapproval for a loan or secure finances before you start searching for properties.

Choose a Low-cost Property as your First Investment Property

It is always advisable to invest in properties that range between low-to-medium range price brackets even if you have millions of dollars to invest. Remember, you may need to spend some cash on refurbishments before selling or renting the house.

Additionally, since it’s your very first property investment, keeping the investment cost as cheap as possible will make you stay in a secure zone. Although it might be challenging to hit incredible profits, you will avoid losing much of your investment in case the worst happens.

Avoid Banking on Appreciation

The real estate doesn’t always rise in value. The properties typically increase in value, but if you count on ‘typically’ then you aren’t investing, but speculating. You should buy depending on the current cash flow if you are a long-term rental investor. While the property values can fall, the rents typically remain amazingly resilient. 

This’s the best thing about rental investing. It is possible to accurately calculate the ROIs of any property if you learn how to estimate the cash flow. With this, you can decide to only invest in high-yielding properties.

Finally, it’s vital to learn that making mistakes is inevitable when buying an investment property for the first time. You’ll perhaps make one or two mistakes but ensure that you learn from them. The point here is that no one is fortunate as a property investor during the fir5342 as a property investor during the first try.

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