Lesser-known Switzerland: Blissful and Heavenly

April 8, 2019 by Susan Paige



Switzerland is an outlandish beauty, often regarded as heaven on earth. It is a dream destination for many and a home to a lucky few. It is among the top most yearned for places in the world. You may have heard of Zurich or Geneva, but there is much more to visit in Switzerland than the mainstream cities. So, here are the top places you should visit in Switzerland.


Zermatt seems like a place out of a whimsical fairytale. Lying below one of the highest summits of the Alps and Europe, this mountain resort is a dream destination. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, and climbing under the shadow of the pyramidal Matterhorn peak. It has an elevation of 1600 meters. It is full of boutiques, hotels, restaurants, ski, and ice-skating rinks. It is famous for the high-altitude scenic routes that lead to Italy. There are many trails, both for hiking and for mountain biking surrounding this town. It is a base for the climbers planning to summit the Matterhorn.


Interlaken, to me, is the most romantic place on earth. It is a traditional Swiss resort town set in a narrow stretch of green and lush valley, engulfed by dense forests and mountains. The parklands on the banks of the River Aare are adorned with old wooden houses. The deep green lakes of Thun and Brienz are a sight to behold. There is so much adventure in Interlaken that you need plenty of time to enjoy it to the fullest. There are many hiking and skiing trails, a funicular to the Harder Kulm, a cogwheel train to the Schynige Platte, and much more.


Lucerne is a city well-known for its primitive architecture. You can visit Old Town, which is bursting with stunning historical sights. The Museggmauer is a wall guarding Lucerne since the 14th century. This wall comprises of 9 towers, where you can enjoy views from the top.

Furthermore, you can visit the Lion Monument, engraved from the rock. You should pay a visit to the Spreuer Bridge, a 15th-century bridge that exhibits numerous paintings with a death motif. Another site of splendor is the Grand Casino Luzern, a lakeside casino. It has a concert hall, night clubs and restaurants as well.


Basel is located close to the country’s borders with Germany and France. You can visit the Fine Arts Museum of Basel; it consists of regional artwork. You can also visit the Zoo; founded in 1874. It is the biggest zoo in Switzerland, and it accommodates more animals than any other zoo in the country. In addition, there’s also the Tirepark Lange Erlen, a zoo containing regional animals and a playground. If you are carrying kids, then you should definitely pay a visit to this place.


The utopian views and the rustic life are calling out for you. So, pack your bags and organize your trip to the vastly pastoral and mountainous Switzerland. However, before you do so, get a phone tracker free and rid yourself from the worries of losing your belongings so you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of Switzerland.

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