Ireland’s #1 Life Coach to Expand Life Coaching Retreats in Ireland

May 1, 2019 by Susan Paige

“Number 1 Life Coach”

Now, that’s a title I still can’t believe is associated with my name.

Life is a concept that is simple yet complex. Sometimes it feels like you are close to understanding it and then all of a sudden, it escapes you. It eludes you like how a bubble lands on your palm only to pop soon after you. If you ask a scientist, life is a characteristic present in all living things. And you can differentiate what is alive from what is not through three things: Growth, Breath, and Heartbeat. So anything that has blood flowing in their veins and air filling their lungs must be alive, right? If you ask a person following a certain religion, they will tell you that life is about fulfilling the Will of God (or gods, in certain religions). Even if the mortal body were to die, the spirit and the soul live on. Our life on earth is temporal and we will only become truly free after we have left the shackles of the human flesh. Then again, that is up to debate. Here are ten schools of philosophy that are interesting to read about: https://bigthink.com/scotty-hendricks/10-schools-of-philosophy-and-why-you-should-know-them.

What I aim to achieve is not a debatable understanding of life but rather something “universal.” Something people from all over the world can identify with and see in their day-to-day existence. Being a life coach is no easy task, after all. We can’t go preaching about how people should be living their lives because we, too, don’t have a definite way of living it!

What is life?

What is happiness?

What is death?

All these questions are the same questions we struggle with. These are BIG questions every person in the world struggles with to a point that they think it’s futile to search for answers anymore. If you look at history, you will see that people have misconstrued the true meaning of life many times. Every time they tried to take it upon their own hands to uncover the real meaning behind life, the world has suffered serious consequences.

Take the two world wars, for example (read more). Men thought that life was about expanding influence, authority, and territory. In their pursuit for world dominance, they trampled upon the rights of other people, killing innocent individuals (women and children included), destroying beautiful cities and turning them into ashes. But no matter how vast the opposing countries’ territories became, they never felt happiness; they never felt contentment. They only got hungrier for power, for domination. It was an endless and vicious cycle. It was a wrinkle in time we should never go back to again.

Learning from our ancestors’ past exploits, we must understand that life can never be found in material things. There is no meaning to worldly pleasures. Although I cannot tell you exactly where you can find the true meaning of life, I can tell you where you can’t find it:

You’ll never find it in the sorrows of others.

It’s a good thing that it has been recently announced that life coaching in Ireland will be expanded. A lot of people need help; they seek guidance. But you know that people like us can only step up and help you if you allow us to. These retreat centers are the perfect place to gather and discover more about life. Who knows? You might have a better of it than all volunteer life coaches combined.

By attending these immersions, I believe that we’ll come closer to discovering what life really means. Maybe we won’t get big answers right away but little ones will do, won’t they? Together, we can discover the beauty of life and why it is still worth living regardless of everything else that’s happening around us. Sometimes, all it takes is just to sit down and think. In this fast-paced world, do people even have the luxury to do that?

Well, we hope you do and we hope to run into you in one of these life coaching retreat centers. No need to worry about anything too much – just come. You are more than welcome there.




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