How to Effectively Manage Your Money

September 10, 2018 by Susan Paige

Whether you are thinking of your personal finances or the money in a business, taking care of your cashflow plays an important part in life.  At the end of the day, if you don’t have cash then you won’t be able to have a good lifestyle or run an effective business.  There are many different ways in which you can help manage your money and budget effectively.


Having a bank account is the basics in order to manage your money.  Clearly in today’s modern world, people rarely even ever step foot in a bank and this is all done via internet and apps. Here you can get more info on How To Open A Company Bank Account In UAE. Despite whether you bank by person or online, if you stay with a bank for a long period of time they then get to see your financial history and are more likely to give you loans / overdrafts etc (as long as your finances are in order).  Online banks allow you to pull history on your income and expenditure that then helps you see from reviewing statements any patterns or out of the norm payments.  Sometimes people even have direct debits set up with companies for small amounts of money and its only when they start to crawl their bank statement they will see the money coming off.

Budgeting Apps

There are good apps available to download where you can connect it to your bank account and it helps you with budgeting.  Nowadays these apps incredible and will slice your finances into whatever data you want.  As such, if you want to see how much you are spending on shopping or fuel, it is available at a glance and you can filter this into whatever period you want.  This will assist you in making informed decisions about your finances moving forward and if there are any potential savings to be made.

Challenge Bills

When bills come in it is really just to easy to take these at face value and not challenge the detail.  If you look at things like car or home insurance then the renewal prices of these are generally a lot higher, therefore it is worth shopping around and seeing what deals are there.  These companies know that it is a hassle for you to do this therefore will continue to hike the prices each year to see your breaking point.  When you do decide to then leave them, this is when they will come out with a cancellation offer and try to entice you to stay – at this point it is generally too late for people.

Excel Spreadsheet

Going back to basics, some people have a very simple excel spreadsheet that will show exactly their incomings and outgoings.  Clearly this is not as impressive as the apps and this is then not linked to the real data from your bank account but allows you a bit of flexibility on what data you want to appear on this and if you want to report it out in a specific way.

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