Healthier Pet Friendly Homes

October 17, 2017 by James Hendrickson

The hubbub that surrounds a new pet can often overshadow the need to make the home pet friendly. Apart from special flaps in the doors and designated play areas, it’s also important to take a look at potential hazards. A creative way to ensure pets have a great time in and around the house is to create a safe zone. If this is not possible, a quick sweep through the house will help owners pinpoint potential hazards.

Ridding the house of hazards involves an extensive checklist, and many pet owners may not even be aware of all the items on the list. Owners will need to clear out items they may not have previously known are hazardous, such as certain types of foods or chemicals. The air owners and pets breathe in the home is also crucial, which makes HVAC service all the more important for animal and human safety.

Pets tend to want to go outdoors from time to time, and their explorative nature will often lead them far down the garden path. From the type of mulch used right down to certain plants, the garden can be a trap as well as a haven. Consult local nurseries for information on pet-friendly plants and garden treatments.

The inquisitive nature of a pet is impossible to curb and happens to be one of the qualities that endear them to us. Keeping them safe is an important part of pet ownership, and with a few simple steps, owners can create a happy and safe environment for themselves and their pets.



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