Four signals that say you need to change the air filter

March 17, 2020 by Susan Paige

At the very beginning of the 2000s, automakers began to install special filters in the heating system that protect the interior from dust, sand, soot and other contaminants. As a rule, the standard version of this element is made of thin paper with an electrostatic charge impregnated with a phenol-aldehyde solution. But now there are a large number of varieties of cabin filters that purify the air in the cabin not only from sand and dust, but also from exhaust, odors and harmful bacteria.


Most often, the deterioration of the filter can be judged by the characteristic smell that penetrates the inside of the car from the outside. If you do not change this part for a long time, it will itself become a source of unpleasant aroma due to the slags accumulated in it. The validity period of a standard cabin filter is specified in the vehicle’s operating instructions. On average, it changes every 10,000 – 20,000 km, depending on the model. It should be borne in mind that its performance is determined by the manufacturer, taking into account normal operating conditions. But if you live in a densely populated metropolis and stand idle for a long time in traffic jams, you can safely reduce the shelf life of the filter by half. In such conditions, it is better to change it at least once every six months.


Sometimes when you turn on the ventilation, you can notice how dust flows from the air deflectors into the cabin along with the air. It is no secret that a contaminated filter becomes a favorable environment for the appearance of mold, and along with dust, sand and particles of dirt pathogenic bacteria safely enter the cabin through the ventilation system. So from a means of air purification, the filter can easily turn into a source of infectious diseases.


A tightly clogged cabin filter degrades the ventilation system and reduces airflow. In this case, the temperature inside the car will increase in the summer, and in the winter the stove may malfunction. At the same time, an increased load will additionally fall on the air conditioner, which will negatively affect its working life. So do not try to save on this detail, and certainly you should not clean, wash or vacuum the cabin filter yourself, even if you know where it is and how to remove it. It is still impossible to revive a worn part, so it’s easier to buy a new one here sparepartstore24.co.uk.


Failures in the air conditioning and ventilation system due to a worn-out cabin filter are likely to cause often fogged windows. This already indicates a significant degree of its pollution. How much it is slagged can be determined visually, but you should not independently extract this part if you have never done so. Otherwise, when dismantling, it is easy to damage the mounting mechanisms. In addition, in some models access to the filter is difficult and other parts must be removed to replace it. Therefore, it is better to trust such work to specialists in car service.

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