Fashion Brands You’ll Fancy Having in Your Wardrobe During Winter

May 23, 2018 by Susan Paige

When you begin to scratch frost off your windshield, return home to the sweet scent of hot chocolate or every shop smells like old Christmas decorations you realise its winter! Well, winter is not always the most appreciated season however, it does come with some delightful perks. Holiday delicacies, snow fun and yes, new fashion collections! Winter will always be incomplete if the wardrobe is not swarming with the latest clothing from popular brands. It is a fact, both men and women enjoy shopping for cosy and elegant winter clothes. Since we shall be marching through winter soon, why not start planning your wardrobe with these fabulous brands and their items.

Banana Republic

No, it is not a crazy minion delight. Banana Republic displays a huge assortment of sophisticated sweaters, dresses and trousers in wool and even cashmere! This popular brand ensures refined and polished clothing styles so if you wish to shine at your boss’ upcoming late-night dinner, hop to Banana Republic for good winter collections.

Eddie Bauer

If you are more of an outgoing and ‘play in the snow’ type of person, then this brand is perfect for you. Eddie Bauer clothes are more for outdoor recreation and offers sporty items for all climates and activities. You will be dazzled at the huge collection of jackets, boots and garments. The brand has a long story of satisfied customers and appreciated designs making the latter a must in your winter wardrobe!


Say Yes to Gucci! Bringing a new Fall Collection with peculiar styles yet extremely trendy clothes, Gucci announced Winter with a blast! The diverse items including turbans and headdresses for women and men alike. The head gear styles do relate to Arabian and ancient Egyptians. Definitely, feel like a modern Cleopatra by either wearing these or by playing Cleopatra Slot on UK’s best online game site; https://www.tedbingo.com/. Anyways, want to be covered from head to toe? Gucci just answered your prayers and earned its way to your wardrobe.

Beaumont Organic

For those who are conscious of the fabrics and the resources used to achieve the perfect clothing, Beaumont Organic is here for you. Based in Manchester, this unique brand creates vestments out of eco-friendly and organic fabrics. Sensational is the Danielle Organic Cotton Sweatshirt which shall be an ace in one’s collection. Presenting a mixture of luxe and casual, the clothing is comfy, soft and charming. A perfect ingredient in your personal clothing collection.


Ready to feel smarter for winter? Grab some items from Dai’s winter collection. The latter is a new British brand and yet, has proven itself in bringing innovation and sustainability in fashion. The brand released new collections involving winter sweaters, garments and gears. Dai follows the green mindset and ensured that its fabrics has little impact on environment. As such, Dai clothing won its place amongst your green wardrobe for winter.

The North Face

Last but not the least, The North Face managed to get into the list since it includes outstanding winter items to provide you with confidence and warmth. Nothing is better than having a ‘The North Face’ Parka Jacket on you when exposed to a good dose of cold. Offering clothing for both men and women, The North Face is acquiring quite a few fans throughout Europe. Why not become one as well?

Clothing do form part an integral part of every season and without the proper gears, you will not be able to able to bring out your inner fashionista. Now off you go in collecting the best clothing for winter and who knows, organise your own fashion parade at home.


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