My Debt Payoff Plan for 2017

December 28, 2016 by Amanda Blankenship

Debt Payoff Plan
If you all frequent “Budget and the Bees” you know that I have sworn to refinance my student loanpay off my debt by March 2017 (well, my smaller, more manageable debts any way). To many that may seem like a large, unobtainable goal. However, I’m here to tell you that it’s not! Here is my debt payoff plan for 2017:

Create a Budget and Stick to It

This one is going to be difficult for me. Obviously I know how to budget but, as a young woman in her twenties, there are plenty of tempting things to spend my money on. I’ve taken the first step to getting control of my finances (and debt) by creating a new budget. My monthly budget looks a little something like this:

  • Rent at the hotel $1,130
  • Food/Entertainment $500 (includes Netflix, Amazon and gym – one of which I’ll be cutting)
  • Student Loan payment $262
  • Car payment $156
  • Car insurance $147
  • Phone payment $90
  • Gas $40

The remainder of my paychecks are going to go towards paying off some of my smaller debts (including a $1,400 item keeping me in a hotel and not an apartment). I think that this budget is manageable and is something I’ll be able to stick to.

Have Deadlines

After creating my budget I sat down and was able to create deadlines for each of my debt items (the $1,400 item being first). By January 30 I will have paid that item and in just two months (by March 30) I’ll have paid off the rest and created a little savings to get moved into an apartment.

Make More Money

One way I’ll be able to get out of this amount of debt within the first few months of 2017 is that I will be focusing on making more money. I will be doing additional hours at work, picking up more freelance work when possible and make more money. Not only will this help me financially but it will also help me stay in instead of going out and spending money (because I’ll have to work).

Debt Snowflake When Possible

Whenever I get any “windfall” money in 2017 it will go towards paying my debt or into savings. For example, my birthday is in January and there’s a chance I’ll get a few cash gifts sent to me from family members. All of this money will be set aside to pay off my debts.

Stop ‘Treating Yourself’ and Start ‘Treating Yourself’ Better

I am a hard working person so every now and then I take on the “treat yourself” mentality. It is usually very satisfying in the moment but I hate myself and my finances afterwards. So, instead of “treating myself” monthly I will reward myself with small things when I get debt paid off. For example, after I pay my $1,400 I am going to go to dinner. I also aim to take the time I would usually spend “treating myself” and workout instead (i.e. “treating yourself” better).

Now It’s Time to Save

Once I’ve gotten my small debts paid off (by March 30) I will begin to save. First I’ll establish a $1,000 emergency fund and then I will save for apartment fees/moving costs. After I’ve gotten settled into an apartment I will continue to save for a car (and paying off that pesky student loan debt).

I’m extremely optimistic about my approach to my debt in 2017. Will you be tackling any debt or savings plan in the new year? What’s your approach? 

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  1. Everyone is so excited to start the year with a good plan including an effective plan and a healthy lifestyle. Happy New Year!

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