Checklist of Basic Immigration documents you should keep on Hand

July 22, 2019 by Susan Paige


The United States is one of the best places to move to for so many reasons. There are lots of beautiful things evenly distributed in the country. Are you planning to immigrate into the USA but you are a little bit confused about the basic immigration documents one should keep on hand? If yes, continue reading this article because it has all the needed information on the right documents you need to gain access into the land of opportunities. Generally, these documents have been divided into two groups, and they are

Essential immigration documents

These are the important documents that are required before one can gain access into the US. There are few documents under this group. Some of the essential immigration documents are;

Passport– the international passport is an essential document that is required at the USA port of entry. No matter your nationality, you will be asked to tender your international passport to identify your nationality. For countries that need the US visa to gain access into the USA, the passport should contain the visa before they can be allowed to gain entrance into the country.

Get the ESTA online to confirm if your country is among the visa waiver program countries. If you are eligible to receive ESTA statusregister online.

Birth certificate– this is a must-have document if you are planning to immigrate. This is important for students and other individuals that are planning to move into the United States. Although your passport will have your date of birth boldly written on it, a birth certificate is considered the only certified way to confirm the real age of an individual. Getting a stamped birth certificate from your place of birth would be a perfect option.

I-20 form– this is a form that is given to all international candidates that have been given admission in a school in the united states. The United States of America is a good place to study because there are lots of benefits attached to it. You will be asked to tender the i-20 form at the US embassy in your home country. This is proof that you have been admitted to a US school, be it college, university, or any other vocational institution. Also, you must take your i-20 form along with you to the US because it would be required at the port of entry. Not having it may lead to your deportation and to prevent unnecessary embarrassment, it is better to prepare before time. Are you planning to study in the land of opportunities but confused about the immigration myths? If yes, try to understand the common immigration laws related to studying in the US because this will help.  Also, the i-20 form is only meant for admitted students. Thus getting the i-20 form requires other steps that one need to know before applying.  Never forget that a candidate can only accept admission from one school in the US; thus, only one i-20 can be provided.

Letter of appointment –this is a letter issued by firms to their employees to serve as a proof of appointment at the US embassy. Here, the firm will file for it employee thus making it clear that the employee is a certified worker of the firm. There is always a belief that it is hard to get a job in the US for people living outside the country, but the good news is that an eligible and qualified applicant will be employed no matter your nationality. Although there are rules guiding this type of visa, if the right steps are taken, one will get a job in the US.

Identification card– the ID card is a plus for any individual that is willing to immigrate into the USA. Different types of ID card may be useful at the US port of entry. If you are a professional in your home country, you are expected to show your ID card at the embassy and port of entry. Also, the national ID card or residence permit is a good identification card that may be used. These cards are used to clear one’s identity.

Needed documents

These are documents that may be needed at any time in the USA. They are not compulsory but are essential. Some of these documents are:

Driver’s license –of course, you may need this at any point in the US. Therefore, you should take it along if you have one.

Other school certificates– these are essential if you have them. They are important for students as it will help them in securing a job as a student in the US.

This article has discussed some essential documents you should keep at hand if you want to immigrate into America, and taking the right steps will make it very easy.

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