Can You Buy LuLaRoe Online?

June 12, 2017 by Amanda Blankenship

Can you buy lularoe online
LuLaRoe has become a popular company for many women throughout the United States (and the world) to purchase clothing from. Most popular for its leggings, LuLaRoe has seemingly taken the world of multi-level marketing to an entirely new level. Thousands of people are making money selling LuLaRoe products.

Even if you’re not into becoming a seller, LuLaRoe’s quality is recognized by most. You may find yourself wondering where you can purchase the products the company has to offer and, more important, can you buy LuLaRoe online?

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a multi-level marketing company that launched out of Utah. The founders of the company are Mormon and many of the company’s consultants like the religious background. It focuses on comfort, modesty and style and has become famous for its super comfy leggings.

Consultants usually sell their products through pop up parties, webpages or through social media. There are no LuLaRoe stores though (not yet anyway). So, for now, you have to contact a consultant to purchase their products. What many LuLaRoe seekers wonder though is whether or not they can purchase LuLaRoe products online.

Can You Buy LuLaRoe Online?

Yes. You can buy LuLaRoe online. In fact, that is how most LuLaRoe customers get their products. Many consultants set up webpages and you can buy through the LuLaRoe site itself. It is possible to contact a consultant online and set up a pop-up party in your home as well.

If you don’t want to have a party in your home many consultants also host social media “parties.” They schedule a time for everyone invited to the party to log in and have an open discussion about products, pricing, etc. You can also buy LuLaRoe online at the following places:

  • Poshmark – Poshmark is the most popular place to buy LuLaRoe online. If you’re searching for a specific item this is a great place to look.
  • eBay – Second only to Poshmark on the sale of LuLaRoe online is eBay. Plenty of consultants set up shop on eBay and other individuals may post their gently-used items there as well.
  • OfferUp – Similar to eBay, people post their LuLaRoe products on OfferUp as well. You can access OfferUp through the internet as well as a mobile app.
  • Individual Consultant’s website – Search for an individual consultant and shop through their website.
  • Various “Selling Websites” (i.e. Redbubble, Shop the Roe) – Shop the Roe and Redbubble are two of the most popular alternatives places to buy LuLaRoe online. Most individuals get their products directly from consultants, Poshmark or on eBay.

Places to Buy LuLaRoe

If none of the above ways appeal to you don’t have to buy LuLaRoe online. You can buy LuLaRoe in person a number of ways as well, including:

  • Garage/Yard Sales – Some LuLaRoe consultants may set up shop in the front yard or someone may be looking to resell their LuLaRoe. Check some local garage and yard sales for LuLaRoe products.
  • Pop-Up Parties – Get yourself invited to a LuLaRoe pop-up party. You’ll be able to look at the merchandise before make a purchase.
  • Flea Markets – Like garage-yard sales some consultants set up shop at flea market. Check your local flea market for LuLaRoe.
  • Thrift Stores – You may get lucky and find LuLaRoe clothing in thrift stores. It hasn’t been around that long so not many people are getting rid of their LuLaRoe clothes yet but you could get lucky.
  • Online “Yard Sales” – Facebook yard sales are another great way to see the product before paying. You can meet someone, see the product and then pay for it.

There are plenty of ways to get LuLaRoe products. You can buy LuLaRoe online, purchase it in person and even make speciality orders.

Have you ever ordered LuLaRoe? What was your experience? 

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