5 Tips to treat your Back Pain Naturally

October 23, 2019 by Susan Paige

Back pain can be very annoying at times, as our back muscles are responsible for basic physical activities such as walking, standing, sitting, running etc. Back pain can be developed for several reasons and it is a widespread problem around the world. Thankfully, there are ways to treat it naturally. If it is something serious or you got injured heavily, we obviously recommend going to the doctor immediately. But for a mild muscle pain that you experience often or routinely, you may try this natural ways at home to find some relief. 

Natural Ways to Reduce Back Pain

#1 Increase the mobility of your Spine: 

Back pain is very common among the people who are in a sedentary job. Although it is really hard to bring extreme changes to your routine or doing intense physical movement with back pain may do more harm than good. Start small, but do it with persistence. 

You can add as simple as something like walking the dog or jogging for 10 minutes or even making the bed, just try to make your back more mobile but do it slowly. There’s no reason to overdo anything. 

Once you feel comfortable try adding more compound movements like swimming, bicycling, sprinting etc. 

#2 Stretching is an option if you don’t have time:

In modern work life we spend a lot of time bending forward at our desk unconsciously. Hours went by and we don’t even realize that we haven’t moved throughout the day. 

It is one of the most common reasons of back pain. Maybe you don’t get enough time to dedicate it to do some activities in a day. But you can always learn simple stretches or yoga moves to do at your desk. 

James at Fitnessabout says: “Even a simple backward stretch would help the back to mobilize and decrease back pain. Set an alarm every 45 minutes, and do some stretching at your desk. You are going to feel some improvement”.

 Simple stretches you may try at your workstation: 

  • Touching the Toes: Touching the toes is a great stretch you can try to reduce your back pain. It’s simple stand up and try to touch your toes with straight legs. It will also give you an idea about how flexible you are, at first if you can’t reach your toes, its okay. Just reach as far as possible with your hands; it will increase the mobility of your back, hamstring and legs. 
  • Cobra Pose: Cobra pose also known as bhujangasana in Yoga is also good for reducing back pain. To perform this stretch, you may need a yoga mat as you have to lie down against your stomach. And then press your chest up with the help of your hands without moving your lower body. 

#3 Applying or taking CBD Cream: 

cannabidiol is a non psychoactive compound of marijuana plant, which is different from THC (responsible for making high or stoned),on the other hand, CBD oil won’t make you feel sedated.

However, the awareness and demand for CBD oil has been increased in great folds in recent years. As CBD oil has numerous health benefits including treating chronic pain and arthritis. 

Several Cannabinoid Researches are directing towards the fact that it is anti-inflammatory and also fight muscle inflammation, the root cause of chronic back pain. 

Lack of sleep may also cause back pain and CBD oil is also known for fighting insomnia. Researchers stated that CBD promotes the quality of sleep, which can be effective to reduce any kind of chronic pain you are experiencing. CBD oil is  legal in many states and countries around the globe. 

#4 Increase the Level of Vitamin D

 If your back pain is not responding to any treatment, there is a chance that you may have a deficiency of Vitamin D. In this modern lifestyle our exposure to the sun is not great. And Vitamin D is formed naturally in our body from soluble fat, when our skin is exposed to sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Vitamin D and chronic pain are closely related. You can also increase the level of it by taking Vitamin D rich foods, such as rice milk, soy milk, cow milk, orange, yogurt etc. 

#5 Music Therapy is also an option

changing the catecholamine levels in your body may also get you some relief from chronic back pain. Music therapy is known for doing that. 

Music therapy is also very cost effective; you can maintain it while you are going through other medication or treatment. Releasing the stress in your body may help you treat the chronic pain and take away the disability and depression associated with it. Not just back pain, music therapy may help you in ways that you never expected. 


Before taking any medication it is always recommended to take doctor’s advice first and go through the necessary check up. Well, the methods we mentioned in this article are very cost effective and you do not need much time to conduct it on a daily basis. Try to pick one you like and make it a habit and it may take away the pain you are experiencing for a long time.

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