4 Ways to Get More Subscribers for Your YouTube Business Account

May 16, 2019 by Susan Paige

Like most social media platforms out there, YouTube lets you open a business account where you can advertise your services and raise brand awareness. You can access this new channel through your personal account, but users will not see the connection between them. It means that you will have to start reeling in subscribers from scratch, even if you already have a large audience for your personal channel.

Getting more subscribers for your YouTube Brand Account is not easy, but it is worthwhile. The users that subscribe to your services are potential buyers, so it is your utmost priority to increase their numbers as much as possible. Here is how to do it!

Put yourself in their shoes

Before you even open a YouTube business account try thinking from the user’s perspective. Why should you subscribe to such a channel? What are the main benefits you get from the subscription?

Regardless of the products that you sell or the services that you offer, these answers must be clear from the start. They will help you determine the theme, the tone and the upload schedule that you will implement on this new channel.

Keep in mind that people subscribe to YouTube channels for news and updates. They want to be notified every time a content creator has something new to present. So, whether you are advertising cat food or reviewing movies, you need to have a clear idea of your audience’s need for novelty at this initial stage of the process.

Stick to an Upload Schedule

It is needless to say that if you want your business to thrive you will need to upload high-quality content only. One of the reasons why people would subscribe to your brand account is that they value your videos and they do not want to skim through those 300 hours of video that are uploaded to the network every minute.

Subscribers also appreciate thoughtful planning and recurrence. If you set up an upload routine of publishing a new video every day at noon, you will notice people visiting your channel around that time on a regular basis. It is very similar to the proverbial Pavlov’s Dog theory. Get them accustomed to a schedule, and they will return in greater numbers every time.

Use YouTube Analytics Tools

If you decide to work with professional experts like YouTubeGrow on your brand channel, you will get more subscribers for your YouTube business account easily. However, if you decide to go on the long and winding path of traditional, organic growth, you should use the YouTube analytics tools to their best value.

The network can provide you with an extensive list of statistics and data regarding user activity on your channel. You can use these numbers to identify which videos attract the most views, and subsequently subscribers. That way you can have an idea about what users want to see and what their expectations are when subscribing to your clips.

Invest in Future Subscribers

Strength is in numbers! The more subscribers you have, the bigger the appeal and trust of new users will be in your Youtube business account.

It is expected that by 2025 more than 50% of the viewers will prefer an online subscription to a TV subscription. It means that most of the people are shifting their attention to video-sharing platforms like YouTube where they can get both entertainment and updates from their favorite business accounts.

You can get one step ahead of this trend if you decide to buy Youtube subscribers and enhance the audience of your brand account. In time, due to the sheer number of users following your channel people will see your business channel as an authority in your field, a reliable seller and the go-to place for accurate product information.

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