4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for New Parents

May 25, 2015 by Budget And The Bees

Welcoming a new addition to the family? Some have a natural maternal instinct and know just what a new parent needs however not all of us are baby supply savvy. It pays to do a little research to help you determine what kind of gift a new mum and dad may need to help them along after having a baby. Here are four helpful tips for finding the perfect gift for new parents.

1. Memento gifts

Personalised photo albums, frames and memory cards make wonderful gifts for new parents, enabling them to maintain all the precious moments of having children. For something a little more unique, a journal or quote book is a great idea for recording all the things a child does while growing up. Visit sites such as Personalised Favours for professional advice on personalising the perfect gift such as an engraved keepsake box or photo frame that parents can cherish.

2. For the Baby

Boy or girl? Jumpsuits, teething toys, bath toys, books, blankets…the list of possible gifts is endless in either traditional pinks or blues. However, more gender neutral colours such as green, yellow or soft beige are great alternatives and are handy if the sex of the baby is going to be a surprise. Whether you’re buying for the newborn or thinking ahead for the later years, the new parents will appreciate any gift that will help their child grow and enjoy themselves.

3. Practical gifts

Strollers, cribs, humidifiers -there’s a good chance that unless the parents have asked for these specifically, they already have them. While such items are highly useful, they can be quite costly to gift. Instead, think about smaller, day to day items like shampoos, powders, dummies and nappies. They might not be as impressive as a new travel seat, but beautifully bundled in a hamper they will be greatly appreciated as the new parents will consistently be buying all of these products for the first few years of their child’s life.

4. For the New Mum and Dad

Every new mother and father need great parenting accessories on hand! Fashionable nappy bags, dummy clips and pillows to ease sleep during pregnancy make lovely gifts. As for dads –they’ll love to see their new bundle in their favourite sports team shirt, or may even enjoy a masculine nappy bag of their own! For something extra special, news parents will love to be treated with a spa or date night voucher. With the help of a caring friend or family member to babysit, they will certainly be looking forward to some relaxation time after having their baby.

Preparing for a baby is always a stressful time for new parents. Anything to ease their to-buy list, help their child grow and allow them to remember the journey will be loved by any parent. DO you have any go-to gifts you like to give new parents? Is there something you would have liked to receive help with your first child? Feel free to share your tips and ideas below!

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  1. When I and my wife were about to be parents, we got lots of gifts from family and friends. But, what we liked most was the baby pillow, infant socks and shoes, and portachair harness. The gifts gave us less stress because we almost got what we needed. Thanks to them.

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