The Indispensable Guide To Choosing Art For Your Home

March 15, 2019 by Susan Paige

There’s an unspoken beauty in the visual arts. It’s like a poem frozen in motion, a song held in color and the very best and truest essence of our humanity, represented in the fruits of the labors of love that artists craft with their hands and their hearts.

Home is where love is, and what can be a more worthy representative of love made material than art?

Hand-crafted art, whether it comes in the form of an elaborate sculpture or a captivating painting, will always have a story just waiting to be heard. It’s like opening a mystery box — sometimes we love the contents of the box, and other times we don’t. Art can be pretty much the same way.

So, how exactly do you choose art that will best fit your home and your style?

You can start by reading this article, of course!

Guideline No. 1: Like What You Like

The first rule of art and choosing it is that there are no rules. While it’s true that interior design has stringent rules that need to be adhered to, the exact opposite is true for art. The arts are the result of the unabashed expression of emotion, made real through skill and technique. There’s no need to follow rules when you’re choosing what you like. If it speaks to you, go for it!

Guideline No. 2: Know The Artist

As previously mentioned, each piece of art holds an unshared story. When you’re able to peek into the life of an artist, you’re more able to understand the meaning of the art that they produce and that makes the piece so much more meaningful to you.

Much like learning about an author gives you new insights into the story they tell (such as the works of Saint Augustine or even Harry Potter), by getting to know the artist behind the work you’re able to fully comprehend the meaning behind the pieces that you intend to buy. You can follow them on Instagram or on their other social media accounts to know more about what their life is like. You’ll have a better appreciation for their art when you know a bit more about what influenced the artist.

Guideline No. 3: Negotiate

Art can be expensive, really expensive. There will be times that you come across a piece that you really want but isn’t within your budget. Do not be afraid to negotiate a payment method or even a trade (as in skills like photography and photo editing).

Guideline No. 4: Stay Up to Date On The Latest Trends and Upcoming Artists

Art is life embodied in shapes and colors. It also differs from place to place. And while it totally makes sense to buy art from well-known artists, staying up-to-date on what’s hot in your area is going to help expose you to emerging artists.

Being able to buy a piece from an emerging artist can be comparable to buying a prime lot for a minimal price. The value of your purchase can only increase as more and more time goes by and as the artist gains more and more accolades.

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