Rhett McLaughlin’s Net Worth

June 14, 2017 by Amanda Blankenship

Rhett McLaughlin's Net Worth
You may have heard the name Rhett McLaughlin before, or maybe not. McLaughlin is part of a two-man Youtube channel called Rhett & Link. The show basically consists of the two sharing comedic, viral content and have even hosted their own television series.

Although McLaughlin is only a part of Rhett & Link he has been able to make a substantial amount of money from the Youtube channel. So, what is Rhett McLaughlin’s net worth and how has Youtube contributed to it?

About Rhett McLaughlin

As previously stated, McLaughlin is part of a Youtube series called Rhett & Link. The two men who make up the duo, McLaughlin and Link, met in elementary school in Buies Creek, North Carolina. They met when both of them had to stay in from recess for writing on their desks.

At the young age of 14 McLaughlin and Link wrote and began shooting scenes for a film they wrote together. They never finished this film but it was the jumpstart the pair needed to really get their careers started. After high school Rhett and Link went on to North Carolina State University where they roomed together.

The pair, of course, got started making videos pretty early in life. It wasn’t until after college that Rhett and Link started their first Youtube channel though. The first Youtube channel, Rhett & Link, has gathered 690 million views and 4 million subscribers. The duo also runs Good Mythical Morning and Good Mythical MORE, which have 3.3 billion views, 12 million subscribers and 378 million views, 2.7 million subscribers.

Rhett and Link also went on to start their very own production company called Mythical Entertainment. Since starting the company they’ve been able to pair up with a number of other Youtube stars, including PewDiePie, as well as launch IFC series and multiple other mini series through M.E. Whether it’s comical Youtube videos, talk shows, mini series or podcasts people love Rhett & Link. So, what has that done for McLaughlin’s net worth?

What is Rhett McLaughlin’s Net Worth?

Rhett McLaughlin's Net WorthCurrently Rhett McLaughlin’s net worth sits at about $8 million. The bulk of his earnings have stemmed from his Youtube channel and production company, which he runs jointly with Link.

Like many other Youtubers, McLaughlin and Link have been able to gather up millions of followers and billions of views. Similar Youtubers make six figures a year (or more). With three Youtube channels that do exceptionally, the pair has been able to make bank. Take their Youtube income into account on top of the cashflow from their production company, Rhett & Link aren’t doing too bad for themselves.

Now both McLaughlin and Link reside in Los Angeles and work on their shows full time. They’ve both got families and work at their very own production company, Mythical Entertainment, in Burbank. Rhett McLaughlin’s net worth has grown to an impressive $8 million and the pair show no sign of stopping soon.

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