How to Budget Shop Like a Pro

April 20, 2020 by Susan Paige

The average woman spends between $150 and $400 a month on clothing. Whether you fill your cart with new outfits for work each month or maybe a piece or two to give you a boost of confidence for a first date, when you’re on a budget, shopping can be as stressful as it is fun.

It doesn’t matter if your budget is under $150 or more than $400; getting the most for your money is a must. Here are four tips to help you stick to your budget and add the most value to your wardrobe.

Invest in Good Basics First

When you find yourself with some extra cash and decide you want to upgrade your wardrobe, it’s tempting to head to the nearest retailer to stock up on a few of this season’s most popular fads.

But while those trendy pieces will look good now, they won’t necessarily last the test of time. As soon as the season is over and fashion trends shift, you’ll be left with undesirable items, leaving your wardrobe looking out of date as well. And you’ll have no cash left to stock up on the next big thing that comes along.

So, the next time you decide to upgrade your wardrobe, skip those trendy items and opt for good basics instead. From a classic white tee to some great fitting black skinny jeans, these are the staples you’ll wear over and over again, season after season. Each time you put them on, you’ll be as fashionable as the first time you wore that outfit. Moreover, you’ll feel confident and never have to worry about your look going out of style.

If You Want to Buy Trendy, Pick Accent Pieces

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to indulge in a few trendy pieces. But rather than spending a lot of money on a new dress or pants, look for trendy accent pieces instead. A top, scarf, costume or jewelry will help you look on-trend but leave you with more money left over to invest in those classic staples.

Buy for the Upcoming Season, Not the Current One

When you’re shopping for a good deal, keep in mind styles for the current season will always be priced a bit higher. After all, that’s what most people are buying. To help you save, try to stay one season ahead. Thus, if you’re shopping in the winter, check sales racks and clearance sections for summer staples instead. As long as your size doesn’t fluctuate and you stick to classic pieces that won’t go out of style, this simple hack can help you save big year-round.

Skip the Flashy Mall Brands

If you’re on a budget, the mall or your local department store are the last places you’ll want to visit. Brands you’ll find here cost a premium, as they rely on people visiting their stores and buying items out of convenience. The same goes for designer brands; these come at a higher price than other items of the same quality, simply because they carry a brand-name tag. Instead, save your money and look for budget-friendly brands online. You’ll find gorgeous brands that are the same quality or in some cases better quality than you could find at the mall, but without the hefty price. 

Filling Your Wardrobe on a Budget

The dollar amount of your budget doesn’t matter. What does matter is making the most of every dollar you spend. By investing in classic staples; choosing practical, affordable trends; buying ahead for the next season’ and skipping the designer or mall brands, you can stretch your budget and fill your wardrobe with styles that you’ll love to wear now and for the long term.

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