Best Bang for Your Buck When Selling a Home

March 5, 2018 by Susan Paige

In a market where homes sell fast it is important to get all the little details right the first time. Making sure you get it listed with pictures and the right price are only part of the puzzle. Home staging and offer inclusions are also key to getting top dollar for the sale of your home. Realtors will help you stage your home with more than just furniture and paintings, they will help you increase the perceived value of your home through other means as well.

One quick tip to sell your home fast and for top dollar by Trulia.com is to increase the perceived value of your home by slightly increasing the listing price of your home. This can bring in buyers that wouldn’t have otherwise looked at your home.

Staging your home, giving it that ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ feel to it can help increase the perceived value of the home. Take down family pictures and put up neutral current art. Remove bulky furniture and replace with rental furniture that makes the home feel more spacious. Having staging done is better than showing an empty home. An empty home can make potential buyers have problems envisioning their furniture in the space.

Having professional photos taken is key to getting someone interested in scheduling a showing. If the pictures look good, they will draw in a crowd. If the pictures are not quality you will lose out on potential buyers and this will lower the perceived value of your home.

Offer price inclusions with the purchase of the home. Include appliances like the washer, dryer, deep freezer. These appliances can be difficult to set up and move, so it isn’t a bad idea to leave them rather than try to move them to your new home. You may even sell them at a better price to the prospective home buyer than you would have in the free market, because these items match the house you are selling specifically. To get better value, get your appliances checked by a local expert like appliance repair in anaheim california.

Another price inclusion that can add a perceived value to the property is to offer a home warranty. A home warranty is additional insurance on your home that covers the homes appliances and home systems like the fridge, hot water heater, furnace etc. The home warranty will only cost the seller a couple hundred dollars depending on the exact coverage purchased. The home warranty will make the potential buyer feel that with the warranty on the home it was well taken care of by the current homeowners.

A home warranty is good for the sellers as well. If something does need repair after the home is listed it can keep the sale of the home and expenses involved in check. If the fridge breaks and need repair, the sellers do not need to worry about an added expense while dealing with the sale of their home. They can simply call the home warranty provider and the service or repair could be covered by the plan. The homeowners may only have to pay a small service call fee or possibly nothing at all.

It is important to not only research the home warranty company to make the right decision on coverage, but to ensure that the home doesn’t fall under any pre-existing conditions that would be denied after the sale of the home was complete. Understanding the coverage is key to making sure the home warranty is worth the expense. Have a print out of what the home warranty covers and write out any exclusions that would need to be considered, like a second fridge in the garage. The new homeowners will not only greatly appreciate the knowledge but this will increase the perceived value on the home and the trust between the sellers and buyers.

These little things like removing bulky furniture, taking down family photos and listing inclusions in the price of the home are all designed to help the home buyers feel the home is well taken care of and is priced reasonably. With these things accomplished, you can know you have increased the value of your home without it costing you an arm and a leg and the home should sell quickly.


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